August 12, at 9: June 19, at 2: June 7, at 5: June 29, at 4: July 26, at 1: Thank you soooooo much for the compilation.

I know some ppl keep asking you abt subs, and some ppl were not polite. Thank you so much for all your efforts subbing and uploading it. November 27, at 6: November 18, at 1: Dailymotion is the safest thus far. October 24, at 4:

July 19, at 2: May 30, at 1: September 24, at August 22, at 5: Keep up the good work k!

October 25, at 6: June 19, at 9: October 17, at 8: If you downloaded the files from MediaFire, you would notice that the file names end with a. Thanks for the info!

August 15, at 1: August 13, at 8: Ur dedication to adam couple is just so great. June 3, at 7: June 5, at 7: June 23, at 4: July 25, at 8: November 6, at 6: If dng want more up-to-date info, please follow time2sub on twitter.


April 10, at 5: I so speccial wish i lived there … and also speak and understand the lingo … its too precious: Not familiar with the Windows system anymore. September 20, at August 12, at 1: December 1, at 4: September 9, at 3: Thanks for compiling everything together!

July 17, at 2: July 22, at 5: Thanks for all your hard work!! Han Seung Gwi says: The answer is not bear? But what you can do is go and download the videos from 2odforum.

October 20, at How long do you guys take to upload subbed videos after the episode is aired in korea? I have to admit it is difficult to define the exact genre that it belongs to.

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