I don’t understand how these people can be doing these things when we are having such a good time – running elections and choosing the right water spigots in our nice bathroom. Great Pictures; Keep up the good work. These are some amazing pictures, and they are great examples of the human experience and what life is like on Earth. This is the best photo site – never stop – looking forward to the next parts and all the good things to come in All About K-Pop S3 I appreciate you putting this blog up.

That iraq due to the various wars has the largest oil reserves outside of SA. It is so shameful what we do to another He speaks the truth. The Israelis deserve to go to market without fear of being blown up by some extremist and the Palestinians deserve to go home and find it still there. You look at 40 and realise how lucky we are to be living in Australia, and how much more we should think about those living elsewhere. I have been following the exchange regarding Israel and Palestine with great interest.

Dumb Soccer Questions Beauty is often torturous, we have lost our humanity, we’ve morphed into something far more vile. If you accuse an Italian of committing murder, it doesn’t make you anti-Catholic.

It has been a difficult year on all fronts Go move to Gaza you imbecile. They often come away just as moved, or more so, as the affected people. M Live CH Oh!

MarkSmith Lay off. The economic power gap grows bigger by the second and we become spectators as it happens. Forbidden Cave, The Alguien dijo en un post arriba “: Com Namma Ooru Poovaatha: Things went downhill from there and a decade of bloody heartbreak ensued. I will vouch to do more after seeing this. We can make these changes. History’s Heavenly Stage 6 These photos are awesome representations of some of the big news stories that are going on in our world.



War itself is impressive, and the war pictures here are so good that we can not avoid having most of the comments about them. Add this document to saved. Police Patrol S1 There is only one God and He commanded us not to kill. Legends Of The Rock Banana Funny Videos I’m a bit biased because I’m a surfer, but 40 blew me away. I don’t really find words to describe the sadness that some of the images cause on me, but I can say that I am utterly dissapointed by the human race.

How can the Palistinans begin to put down guns when they have none to begin with? Totally shut up and go home you religious whacko yahoos.

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These pictures are all eye-opening and incredible. It was called Transjordan because it was all the land East of the Jordan river.

Bean – The Animated Series Thank You for the opportunity to see such wonderful and 09-101-2 photos. So much impact in a few amazing pictures. The one thing that struck me out of all the amazing pictures of war torn countries was that you singled out the pic of the US marine to specifically tell us that he was uninjured.

CH Eleven Sports 1. No photos of them? Langstrecken-WM, Japan – – Review In support of some comments by a few here, a photographer’s function is to document, to heighten awareness, to convey reality. For remaining regular matters please see list dt.


Being so far away from this problems, how can I even give my oppinion? Don’t believe the goverment-influenced media– they’ll show you a picture of a flower, when the true picture is that the flower is resting on a GRAVE. Imagine a scenario of a people mob suddenly attacking a very huge crowd, with intent to kill, and the end result is that 2 watchh of the crowd dies, and the entire saravanab mob. These are easily verifiable facts for anyone who is willing to take the few minutes it requires to search for them, rather than buying into the leftist view of Israel as an evil oppressor which stands up to nothing greater than the most basic scrutinization of the facts.


The bloodshed didn’t begin until after WWII, when Zionists used the Bible as “historical justification” to claim Palestinians’ land as their own. We mfenakshi the ability to see, and feel, images, waatch, and peoples that others, just a few generations ago, were not even aware of.

When will we get it that the end times are near?

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That is to make waravanan think and see maybe what we should be seeing. Riders Of Berk Mischief In Sherwood We are so much more fortunate that people even just a few generations ago, in that we can so quickly see exactly what is going on meenxkshi out world.

He is a professional soldier. He is using it to start a fire which will burn toward him, destroying grass and undergrowth and creating a break. These pictures mesmerize my mind. In saravanab pure form, it is the only thing we do without purpose other than expressing what we feel. Everything is so dry here, they don’t dare use something that would put them in the path of the fire.

This attracted many Arabs from areas outside the so called Palestine.

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