She tells them that she enjoys destroying other people’s property and threatens the Thundermans to watch their back. Edit Storyline Phoebe and Cherry’s friendship is tested when the Thunderman family gets some unexpected news. To save themselves and the other students, Cherry and Phoebe must slay the original vampire. Max thought he would be disappointed that it wasn’t a boy and he also thought he would be completely terrified but he saw that baby girl, look into her eyes and he fell in love with her. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Phoebe finds out about the car which is a problem because she is not good at keeping such secrets. Your mother couldn’t find him.

Phoebe uses The Animalizer to turn Cousin Blobbin’s dog into a woman, pretending to be their mom. Gideon and Sarah start dating. After a heated argument, Kickbutt quits as the Hero League president and appoints Hank to succeed her. Breaking and Exiting – Movies Feb 25th. Meanwhile, Nora, Billy, and Frankie are in the city and get sweets. Max pleads to his parents to let him move back in and, after promising to follow all the house rules, his parents allow him to move back in. He will turn up. Allison gets Angel Number 3, but to Max’s disappointment, it turns out that the angel kisses Nate’s character.

When Phoebe and Max’s friends begin spending time with each other, the twins worry. Agatha and the Truth of Murder – Movies Feb 25th.


They work quickly to save the guards without using their powers. However, like many of Max’s activities, it doesn’t work out very well. On their way to the parks, they use telekinesis to trick Nora and Billy into fighting.

Retrieved January 23, Meanwhile, Billy gets an illness after not taking an important bug, and as Chloe has her final growth spurt, everybody is eager to find out what her new superpower is, which are narrowed down to teleportation, super strength, or sonic screaming.


After realizing that Chloe can teleport with other people, Max and Phoebe get her to teleport Nora and Billy to the episodr. Phoebe becomes the lucky winner to Sweet Gam Gam’s Cookie Palace contest and is allowed to bring one person.

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Retrieved September 24, Retrieved June 7, Max, Nora and Billy start fighting over whom she should take. Max sells the box and its contents to Cedric who loves comic books. Phoebe finds out about the car which is a problem because she is not good at keeping such secrets. Retrieved January 18, Wong’s chili on a TV show cook off. Super President Kickbutt stated that she faked their depowering to fool the civilians and advises they be more careful from now on.

Phoebe has an obsessive crush over Dylan.

The Thundermans (Series) – TV Tropes

Nora helps Chloe win the war by asking Chloe to use her cuteness to her advantage. Addison Riecke as Nora Thunderman. Back at home, Dark Mayhem tells Dr.

Billy swears he didn’t push anything when things go wonkers. The twins disguise themselves as employees in order to get inside. When Nora and Billy get their mom’s tablet confiscated by their teacher, they enlist Phoebe and Max to help them get the tablet back without their thubderman finding out. Colosso to help them dance like professionals.

Hank and Barb go out on a date night while Phoebe babysits Chloe.

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However, things go haywire with the trampoline as it leaves Billy dangling from the roof. Thunder Man’s old enemy Evilman moves next door to Hiddenville and Phoebe starts dating his son Link. She even give them pens to write down what they’ve learned but they use the pens to unlock their anti-power ankle bracelets; leading to a fight between the Thunder Twins and the villain kids. Max goes home and calls for an episose family meeting to try to figure out who turned him blue.


There were a ton of sketches and they were very good. Phoebe goes behind Max’s back and absorbs the powers anyway. Feeling left out by her friends, she tries to get herself a boyfriend so that she can triple date with Choyster and Mallison at the Heart Tree.

After they arrive, they find out that the legend was actually true. Then, Max arrives back home without Balfour noticing. Retrieved August 2, Season 2 Episode eepisode – The Girl with the Dragon Snafu Phoebe joins the cool group for a class project, but discovers that they do not want to work.

Meanwhile, Peisode and Barb are having trouble with Chloe’s teleportation and get tired, thinking that it’s the weekend when it isn’t, so Nora and Billy play along, but later try to gets things back to normal.

Retrieved October 11, Meanwhile, Max ditches his band after getting advice from Dr.

So, Max goes to help Phoebe save the kids and defeat the Spitballs game. After realizing that Bradford became miserable for failing to move on after his first breakup, Max gets the strength to thundetman over Allison and move on. Max and Phoebe accidentally sell one of Barb’s old superhero utility belts to an Electress fan at the family’s garage sale.

The Thundermans welcome a new member to the family. Phoebe escapes from the closet and goes to the stage to humiliate Max. The little girl turned to Max and jumped in his arms and horn them around his neck and leaned her head up against his shoulder as she just sat there and fell asleep.

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