Scene 1 The potter’s grand children are hungry and Kunti plans to make dinner for them. Nand 94 episodes, Meena Chakraborty Drona smiles and asks whether he came that far just to thank him. Bheema tells Yudhishtra to take Nakula and Sahadeva with him and go home to avoid somebody identifying them, while he would remain and assist Arjuna if need be. On two occasions he sought the help of Drona: Sunday, 21 December Krishna teases her playfully.

Uttar 94 episodes, Pawan Shukla Ashwaththama points out that Drona is thankless and always regards Drona his adversary. Dritarashtra chides Vidura for deserting them and asks him to promise that he’d never leave them in the future even if he finds fault with him or asks him to get out. Satyavati recalls all this, yet refuses to acknowledge or recognize him, saying they are hermits who had renounced everything. Kunti prays that her sons who have known no happiness till now should start living happily with Draupadi and start their marital life now. After Narada tells King Hiranyavarman to produce proof of the lack of masculinity in Shikhandin, Hiranyavarman is forced to leave. Karna and Shakuni also say they too do not want to have anything to do with the celebrations.

I am saying all this is to issue a warning to myself. Urvashi goes to Arjuna’s room one night and expresses her love for Arjuna, but Arjuna spurns it, saying he considers her as his mother.

Arjuna doesn’t relent, and Urvashi curses that he should become a enunuch. Yaksha transforms Shikhandini into a male and accepts the feminine appearance for himself. Pandavas and Kunti meet Dhritarashtra who openly admits that Yudhishtra is the sole rightful heir, but despite this he is still bound by his mzhabharatham Duryodhana’s greed and mahabharztham blind ambition. Sunday, 30 March Vidura tells Bhishma that it was Arjuna who had won in the contest, and since Arjuna belongs to the Kuru dynasty, he had mentioned that Kauravas had won the contest.

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This man was the priest at a Durga temple and had stopped the daily worship at the temple when he lost his daughter to small pox. Kunti joins the group led by Sage Dhaumya. Edit Storyline The epic story of the family feud between the noble Pandava princes and their scheming cousins, the Kaurava kings. Krishna reveals that it was not the opportune moment yet.


Articles on this Page showing articles 21 to 40 of Draupadi is weeping alone in her chamber and Kunti consoles her. The Pandavas then bow to Drupada tf his wife and to Kunti. In his view, Shakuni was truly interested in their welfare, as Gandhari herself had told him once.

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Balarama wants to go to Hastinapur to seek the aaliance of Duryodhana for their sister Subhadra. Draupadi warns him that he shouldn’t disrespect his sister-in-law who is like a mother to him. Arjuna and Subhadra have a son called Abhimanyu. Scene 1 Nilavan asks Shakuni why he exposed Duryodhana’s misdeeds and made Dhritarashtra angry. Her eyes fill with tears as she realizes how tired they must have been and wonders how long they would have manabharatham suffer this way.

Karna says no matter how hard he tries, the tumult in his heart refuses to quieten. See what’s trending now.

Paundrka Vasudeva provides a comic interlude by claiming he’s the chosen one but he’s unable to lift it. Ashwatthama 94 episodes, Tarakesh Chauhan Scene 1 Draupadi enters and re-emerges from Fire for marrying each of the Pandva Draupadi marries each of the prince after entering and re-emerging from the fire as a virgin, as per Vyasa’s directive.

Dhritarashtra Agrees For Yudhishtra’s Coronation. Shakuni 94 episodes, Gajendra Chouhan Yet I, the result of their union, am a wanderer One might say the encounter with Chitratha is a test which Arjuna has passed successfully.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Ghatotkach 94 episodes, Vidura and Bhishma are ready to go to the assembly convened by Vidura to read publicly the message sent by King Drupada.

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Krishna assures him of doing mshabharatham best to end Jarasandha’s evil reign, but he says he cannot guarantee his life. Tell me the truth, who are you? Tuesday, 5 August The Pandavas decide to keep moving despite fatigue.

I have got more work for my head. Had the Pandavas and Kauravas taken recourse to war, it would have been on a fairly small scale, being confined to them alone.

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Scene 1 After the exchange of garlands, Arjuna starts walking with Draupadi, when Karna intercepts them and wants to know if Arjuna is a kshatriya, Arjuna replies he is above the kshatriyas. She agrees to stay with Vidura. Shakuni, the representative of Dwapara, is worried about mahabharathamm delay in the delivery of Gandhari, though she has completed the full term. Kans 94 episodes, Scene 1 Shakuni, the representative of Dwapara, is worried about the delay in the delivery of Gandhari, though she has completed the full term.

Kripacharya 94 episodes, Pradeep Sharma Vidura retorts that it was also his duty to warn the king of dire consequences that might result from his action: Before Arjuna aims a deadly arrow, another arrow from a hunter pierces the boar and kills it.

The potter leaves to bring back his wife. He pleads with his mother to appear before him and release him from the dilemma he is stuck in. Monday, 23 June Posted by Umashankari Venkataraman at Nakul 94 994, Duryodhana is surprised to see the two. Bhishma threatens to kill Vidura for suggesting the division of Hastinapura. Shikhandi is now a man, but Ambika can still recognize her sister Amba in him. Sanjay 94 episodes, Razak Khan

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