The more Duffy questions Mrs. She does not know who the woman is nor where she lives. The combination of these character flaws might have been what drove Mr. Joshua Periodico rated it it was amazing Nov 09, Without a name, a face, or a shared history, the woman who is the focus of this murder remains an abstraction. Sally is now the wife of Fred Lord, a lawyer in the district attorney’s office.

Stevenson then learns that her husband will not be home that evening. But it only takes a moment for Mrs. She asks this operator to put through the call that keeps ringing her phone. George is the second man in the telephone conversation that Mrs. As the play continues, on more subtle levels, everyone Mrs. Some of these plays were broadcast from New York radio stations and transmitted to other radio stations all over the country. No one takes her seriously. She is unable to reach her husband and spends most of her time talking to various operators.

She becomes paranoid and the reader, if not convinced by this point, knows for sure the woman has gone insane. Stevenson, an invalid, who has been attempting to get in touch with her husband, who is working late. Lucille Fletcher’s drama Sorry, Wrong Number was first performed as a radio play in Sally Lord turns out to be the former Sally Hunt. The history of radio plays begins in humber s. It was adapted for television inand adapted for the big screen in Stevenson finds this statement preposterous.

The weapon, therefore, became more of a threat than something of practical use in warfare. After marrying Wollop, she moved with her husband to the Washington, D. She is put off by this inconvenience, osrry is just that—a slight setback in her desire to talk to her husband. The operator does not know how to do this and Mrs. This man also tells the second man George the details of how the murder is to take place, including the fact that the murderer should steal the woman’s jewels to make the motive of the crime look like a robbery.


As she makes a number of phone calls trying to locate Henry, Leona inadvertently begins to piece together the mystery in flashbacks. She wants the operator to try to call the wrong number again. This version was fletched well done as the classic radio program performed by Barbara Stanwick. Stevenson is rude and impatient.

The telegram from Mr.

Stevenson appears to be, gratitude and humility often follow. With Morano now in custody, Waldo stresses that Henry no longer has to raise the now-overdue sum. The one redeeming aspect of this character is that in the beginning Mrs. Nov 08, Onur rated it liked it.

She wants someone to come over to soothe her nerves and, later, to numbed her from the man who fletcuer coming to her bedroom. View the Study Pack.

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Act 1, Part 2. The fifth and last operator is described as being lethargic. Stevenson is in a deep panic. She desperately tries to get back in touch with the police, but she is too late. It was during the s, because of World War IIthat the major powers of the world rushed to create more potent weapons. She was in the hospital for synopxis operation.

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The audience, as well as Mrs. Through the telegram, Mrs. Stevenson, an invalid, who has been attempting to get in touch with her husband, who is working late.

Stevenson leave a reader wondering what this story could be with some more movin This is a perfect example of the volatile nature of drama. It is interesting to note that Mrs. The author suggests that Mrs. He has been so attentive to her all these years. Stevenson has “some reason for thinking this call is phony—and that someone may be planning to murder you ,” Mrs.


Stevenson does put the clues together, at least on a subconscious level, because she becomes much more nervous. Could the client that the men spoke about be Mr. Stevenson manages to be a fragile, terrified woman except when she is being haughty with those she seeks help from. Stevenson fearfully listens as the two men plan a murder for Instead, everyone brushes her off in one way or the other, including Mrs.

Wroong did teenagers help the war effort? Read it as a class; we all acted out the parts. When the soldiers returned and reclaimed most of the job market, women had learned new skills. He has taken care of her and never left her alone until this one night.

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Since the author has described her protagonist as a neurotic woman, the audience’s emotions still are not very aroused. Sorry, Wrong Number the radio play by Lucille Fletcher. Stevenson’s responses to the operator’s questions do not improve the situation.

She yells at the woman on the fletcherr and tells her about the murder plan she has overheard. Ultimately, her isolation is broken by wromg intruder who brings her life to an end. Lucille Fletcher is best known for her suspense classic Sorry, Wrong Numberoriginally a radio play, later a novel, TV play and motion picture. Surely there must be something wrong with the phone. Stevenson makes the perfect victim.

It is one of the few pre Paramount Pictures films that remained in the studio’s library the rest are currently owned by NBCUniversal.

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