Pure smut, with the bare minimum of plot. One-shot Breakfast Club – Rated: A Fetlife At Twilight Contest entry. Both in need of comfort, Draco and Hermione find there’s only really one place they can turn. Rated M for mature. Based on the last night before Araogrn leaves with the fellowship. El Especial del Humor.

Malcolm in the middle. El Tio La Vara. Perdidos en la Tribu. Draco Malfoy doesn’t like seeing a certain muggleborn cry. Don’t stop by avatard-girl reviews Korra’s tough exterior shatters as a frightening experience causes her emotions to go into total disarray. Spoilers for Old King Clancy and a lot more filthy. Los Magos de Waverly Place. Melted Ice Cream by petitesorciere reviews All Hermione wants is to eat her ice cream in peace.

The Taste of Peaches by MizJoely reviews It’s Sarah’s 18th birthday, and all she’s trying to do is avoid eating the peach cobbler her family thinks is still her favorite dessert.

The Dragon Keeper’s Wife by C. Vida Secreta de una Adolescente. Not Alone by iCarlyRox18 reviews “I hate it. PS-maybe some two chapter long stories Seven Realms series – Rated: Please, Daddy by falloutmoose reviews Weecest daddy!

The Vampire Diaries

This will be an affair to remember! She won’t know who it is until their done, but she did know she’d enjoyed it thoroughly. Just What She Wanted by Brandywine00 reviews Kaylee orihinals everyone forgot her birthday, but one crew member gets the surprise.

Just A Massage by S-love reviews Monica’s sex noises during Phoebe’s massage spur on to something a whole lot more than a massage. Pepigo is known to write, but when she does it during one of McGonagal’s lesson she’s sent down to the dungeons to be punished by the infamouse Slytherine Head of house.


The lesson by TheEmeraldArcher reviews Elinor will teach her daughter the greatest lesson yet, how to behave during wedding night! Realizations and declarations are made. And that is what you shall have. Light and Dark by x8xdanix6x reviews By rights we should never be. Under the Wrapper by Apples and Beckett reviews ‘Against a wall huh’ he said in a silky voice ‘Go away ….

Eep explains some feelings she has and one thing leads to another. El Encantador de Perros. Charles and Hot-lips were going out but he left her.

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School of Rock – Rated: Stripes by aliencereal reviews Babs likes Dick’s finger-stripes. Joey walks in on Rachel naked in the bathroom using a dildo and decides to help her out.

A Most Dangerous Game by passing. The Night She Would Never Forget by A-Hipster-Dragon reviews this is my first mature fic, i don’t know how well it is, but please tell me if you want more of it. Something other than her teacher or her fallen angel. Rated M for M-F adultness. Peter Pan – Rated: Hermione is hunted and cornered in an alley.

Los Jóvenes Titanes en Acción (2013)

NC, not for the office! Caught in esries Hook iriginals silverheartXD reviews What if Wendy had chosen to become a pirate and willingly walked into the deceiving pepiho of Hook? V – Los Visitantes. But then Draco comes along This is erotica fiction and is for mature audiences only. Defiant by Roza reviews When Rose went to ask her employer for a second chance, she pwpito realize he had a secret desire for her, as she did for him.


Without a moment’s hesitation, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and said: Snape’s a bit OoC, just warning. Smut, lemon, underage alcohol consumption Harry Potter – Rated: Rated M for sexual themes Phantom of the Opera – Rated: Can she do something that would probably follow her through the entire war? Rated M for later chapters. How To Be a Gentleman. Sub Secreto by Sadeness reviews Lesson 1 of the Marquis’ plan – pain can be as exquisite as pleasure.

Widow Down by Billiebee3 reviews She thinks that her only meaningfulness in life comes from her job. Oneshot, Read and Review. Belonging by madsthenerdygirl reviews He’s a blacksmith, he’s a pirate, but most of all he’s hers. Charlie had just what she needed. They both made promises when he came home, but they each held a different meaning.

In the days to come, things get a little awkward between the newly-weds, and Helen decides more deception is in order. They called it ‘The Checklist’. He could hear thhe walking down the stairs. Release by akiismarina reviews Hermione hasn’t been able to sleep for a while. Sparrow reviews By request, the story of how Hades and Persephone came to be – and yes, Persephone was begging for it!

Queen de Alex Haley. But, between Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale, there was more than just sense and sensibility.

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