Of Sailor Moon other episodes too? You could never tell that this is done by fans, all of you people are awesome! Usagi’s Night Flight” Ep. Usagi’s New Transformation” Ep. Been a fan since I was 9 so 18 years and been wishing stars was dub. When is the sailor moon stars will be in english. Will get to it asap.

We only get to do this stuff in our spare time. It gives me an eye strain headache. Lately, Chibi-Chibi has been coming home with lots of snacks. We just posted a new clip. I guess with being so busy I forgot to upstate the other pages. People have been asking 9 months ago for ep. It did warrant a laugh at the same time, at least.

I have always preferred the English televised version of Sailor Moon, and I love that someone is finally giving Stars the DiC treatment.

Episode 186- The Mystery Behind Chibi Chibi!? The Troublesome Pursuit

Just waiting on 2 voice actors. Did you find a replacement for Raye. They have a website and facebook page.

If u guys need help with voices I can help. We have nothing to do with official dubs. This is a phenomenal fandub. Ok, just let me get a Facebook first! Thanks for the quick reply: Remember me Forgot password?


Now with Viz Media confirming that they will be dubbing all episodes, 3 movies and the specials, what does this mean for the salior Having Faith in Friends Only key element episodes will be dubbed from now on. For the new serena because my voice is between terri and linda sometimes it sways between the actors.

You need to make the episodes direct downloads. Thank-you so much, fighter4luv for your hard-work on this episode so far.

No matter how long it takes you, please finish it!

When will streaming be up again? Guy I think we all should stop asking when the next episode will be complete, they are trying there best to put up episodes as fast as they can, and they are tell us how much of the next episode is sailog.

Premonition of salor New Wave” Ep. You guys have done an awesome job so far and I have no doubt that the rest will be amazing as well, no matter how they take.

Episode The Mystery Behind Chibi Chibi!? The Troublesome Pursuit | SailorMoonTV

Originally the point was after all, to dub missing episodes that were never dubbed after all. Then again, considering how well thought out and written some of these zailor are…. Yea when is it. Alternate opening and closing lyrics, feel free to use. Walking on Shattered Glass. The rest still have issues with sound effects being present and what not. I zailor the fandub is based on old dub version but the dub still belongs to Viz now.


74 Best Angelic Layer ♡ images | Clamp, Layers, Cardcaptor sakura

Strength Lies in the Pure Heart”. Makoto in Trouble” Ep. We know about the redub.

The Secret of Haruka Tenoh” Ep. The next episode we will release is episode 15 Its been 3 years since the last episode.

This is just sooooooooo good and nostalgic of the the good old days!!!!!

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