The first official use of the name Chennai is said to be in a deed, dated 8 August 9. International Film Festival of India. Nagaraju and Malliswari of Veerapuram are maternal cousins who became close friends in childhood. As she sported a curly hairdo, a body double was used for a few sequences as it was in contrast to the simple and soft tresses she sported in this film. A pillared cloister, entrance gateways, courtyards, smaller shrines, the nine-tiered eastern gateway, which is the largest at 50 meters, is well-proportioned and incorporates some earlier structures. It lasted until , although its power declined after a military defeat in by the Deccan sultanates. Archived from the original on 28 May

Widely recognised for his portrayal of characters, NTR was one of the leading method actors of Indian cinema. Vividh Bharati is one of the services of AIR. He became the dominant ruler of the peninsula of India by defeating the Sultans of Bijapur, Golconda, the Bahmani Sultanate, the great south Indian mathematician Nilakantha Somayaji also lived in the Empire of Krishnadevaraya. Nagaraju tries to get her back at the risk of getting beheaded if caught in the palace. Based on the rather thin plot summary I found, I was expecting the men in the film to drive more of the action. The A to Z of Telugu Cinema”. A cinematic version of the life of famous Indian saint-poet, Annamayya. She combined imagination with facts to bring history alive through novels of fiction, James Fenimore Cooper was a prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century.

Malliswari sees Nagaraju running and calls out to him. A young man in a village who wants to become a police officer ends up becoming a terrorist due to being framed. It was established in by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I of Sangama Dynasty, the empire rose to prominence as a culmination of attempts by the southern powers to ward off Islamic invasions by the end of the 13th century.


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All lyrics written by Devulapalli Krishnasastri. Sastry wrote that Bhanumathi’s expressions were “heavenly” and called Shekhar’s production design “commendable”. It ended after a defeat by the armies of Delhi Sultanate, the triumphant army led by Malik Zada sent the news of its victory, over Kampili kingdom, to Muhammad bin Tughluq in Delhi by sending a straw-stuffed severed head of the dead Hindu king.

In return for considerable payment, her mother hands Malliswari over to the palace as a Rani Vasam. Vasan advised Narasimnha Reddy to dub the film into Hindi. Kamala Deviwho played the role of Malliswari in Buchibabu’s radio play, was cast as Jalaja, Malliswari’s maid in the film. Gundamma, a rich widow, has one goal – to get her spoilt daughter married to a rich boy.

Pasumarthi Krishnamurthy choreographed the attractive dance sequences. Edit Pld Credited cast: Evidence indicates there were made to the temple in the late Chalukyan and Hoysala periods.


There he meets Malli. Established init is the service of Prasar Bharatis Doordarshan.

Surabhi Kamalabai – was a Telugu drama and film actress. Rajeswara Rao consists of 19 songs whose lyrics were penned by Devulapalli Krishnasastri. They are separated by her maid Jalaja, who is afraid that they will be beheaded, as stipulated in the Rani Vasam tradition.

The soundtrack was a critical and commercial success. The temple was built in memory of his deceased son. Malliswari was released on 20 December Shekhar was the film’s production designer and Thota Tharani ‘s father Thota Venkateswara Rao assisted him. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Reddi, known for selecting progressive themes for his movies, chose a love tale and engaged the romantic lyricist Devulapalli, despite being aware that the poet was in the habit of taking a long time to arrive at his dialogue and lyrics.


They soon fall deeply in love with each other, and decide to inform their respective parents of their Malliswari is regarded as one of the cult classic films of Telugu cinema. Archived from the original on 4 February Nagaraju and Malliswari of Veerapuram are maternal cousins who became close friends in childhood.

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Biopic on the life of the famous Telugu freedom fighter Alluri Seetarama Raju. Archived from the original on 28 May The next morning, the hanging nooses are kept ready and the duo meet Krishnadevaraya before killing them. Telugu Top Two fifty movies. When Nagaraju blames Krishnadevaraya for sending a palanquin to her house for Rani Vasam, Krishnadevaraya defends his action and reminds Nagaraju that it was he who had asked him to send Malliswari to Rani Vasam.

Archived from the original on 20 March Malliswari and Nagaraju grow up together in their peaceful rustic village.

Hampi is set in a rocky terrain. Even the flutter of the towel on Nagappa’s shoulder is heard clearly”. Opd gopuram towards north known as the Kanakagiri gopura, leads to an enclosure with subsidiary shrines.

Narasimha Reddy chose the concept of Rayalavari Karunakruthyamua popular play written by Telugu novelist Buchibabu that was published in the literary journal Bharathi and later broadcast by All India RadioMadras.

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