Other than this, the story is not a typical saazishi aurto wali kahani and has room for me to come out as a better actor. Manahil ask Salah-ul-Din to arrange tickets for her and children to Hyderabad but he refuses saying, “he can’t let her go”. Jeena ask Jameel to convince Salah-ul-Din for marriage. Mikaeel confronts Manahil for telling his parents about his gambling, to which she denies. Retrieved 4 April So she asks her parents to leave, which they do. Heartbroken by his behaviour, both die in a car accident. His mother shares her thoughts with Manahil for Salah-ul-Din marriage and show her some proposals.

But Manahil denies saying that he only cares about her. On the other hand, Manahil struggles and suffers in silence with her marriage as Mikaeel is more interested in spending his life alone rather than to be with someone. Manahil blames herself for ruining the lives of people around her and prays for Salahuddin recovery. Salahuddin disguises himself as a “Guru” and talks to Manahil and consoles her by giving her advice to keep her life on track, when Manahil finds out she warns him to stay away from her. Salahuddin’s father is upset with Salahuddin for helping Manahil escape, and also for leaving without apologising. Heartbroken by his behaviour, both die in a car accident. There, Manahil asks Salahuddin if he thinks she should marry Mikaeel, and he says yes and asks Mikaeel to take care of her. Top 4 best Turkish drama serials in Urdu.

Manahil and Salahuddin had fight after she confront him, and both blames each other for ruining their lives. Retrieved from ” https: Mikaeel goes to aug parents grave and begs for forgiveness realising that its too late, he then gets killed over his gambling debt.

Minhail Aur Khalil By Express Entertainment Episode 25 – Part 2 – video dailymotion

Salahuddin tries to make Manahil understand that due to their social difference, he cannot marry her and her parents will not accept their relation. Salah-ul-Din assures his father that there is nothing between him and Manahil.

Salahuddin tries to move out of his friend’s house when he gets yelled at by Cookie to do his chores himself rather than from her servant Jameel and keep distance from Ifti.

Mikaeel visits his parents graves and accepts his mistakes for one last time and ask them their forgiveness, he then gets murdered over his gambling debt when his friend came to claim his money.


Salahuddin’s parents return without saying anything as his father understands that Manahil’s father wants to januay the proposal but couldn’t due to their friendship. Retrieved 10 May Later, when Manahil awakes, Mikaeel yells at her for telling his parents about selling the jewellery. Khapil 18 July The series takes another leap of three years, where Manahil gives birth to her second child a daughter and Mikaeel, who is once again deep in gambling, completely cuts off his life from Manahil.

Ishq e mamnun last episode full 12 mehndi studio Year ago. Salah-ul-Din mother taunts Manahil for getting divorced and living with Salah-ul-Din under one roof and makes her remember how she and her family treated them in past. After seeing Manahil without Salahuddin, Mikaeel sees his plan gone wasted he asked her to leave. From its eighth till fifteenth episode Mann Mayal averages 2. Colors new schedule off to slow episodee. Salahuddin’s family arrive there.

Minhail Aur Khalil By Express Entertainment Episode 25 – Part 2

Salahuddin orders Jameel to find out what happened. All the ingredients are there. When confronted by his mother, he shows no remorse of his wrongdoings. Manahil calls her family, and tells them that a “baba ji” Salahuddin advised her to call her parents regularly. Manahil agrees and asks Salahuddin to take her to Mikaeel one last time. Retrieved 6 January Manahil aur Khalil PrimeTV 5 years ago.

Manahil Aur Khalil – Episode 25

We all must have known at least one Jeena in our lives, maybe not with all her fifty shades of jamuary and deceit but some”. Later, Salahuddin tells his mother about Manahil and him, and asks her for their proposal, stunned to this confession she reluctantly agrees. The character of Mikaeel portrayed by Gohar Rasheed received critical appraisal from critics, but he faces criticism and harsh reaction as Mikaeel from public, in an interview he said, “a woman came up to me and asked if i am Mikaeel from Khali Mayalwhen i said yes, she responded, You are a bad person and you should leave this place before we slap jaanuary.

So Jameel becomes a temporary servant at Mikaeel’s home. Mikaeel follows his friend’s instructions and comes home to lure his father but couldn’t impress him.

Salahuddin goes to Manahil and advises her to go back home to her parents for a couple of days. He then searches for Manahil everywhere and finds out she has been living in an hostel. Jamil helps Jeena and Mikaeel with kidnapping of the children, where Mikaeel backs out after seeing Jeena’s obsession.


Salahuddin’s mother tells Manahil that he truly loves her and would give everything to keep them safe, feeling bad for what she said earlier she calls Salahuddin’s only to find out that she is at Jeena’s house. Current broadcasts on Hum TV. When Rabiya picks up the call, Manahil says that she wants to talk to Salahuddin but she tells her that Salahuddin is talking to his father about their proposal.

Jeena conceive a plan to separate Manahil and calls Jameel.

Best Actor in a Negative Role. Salahuddin reassures his parents that Manahil will be happy with him, so his parents decide to go to Manahil’s house. His parents try to make Salahuddin understand to leave Manahil but he refuses saying that he cannot “leave her”. While Manahil’s father supports her and tells her that he will not repeat his mistake going against Mnahil’s decisions again.

Manahil gives birth to a baby boy.

When Manahil was leaving, she and Jeena see each other through Jeena’s office room window. Jameel calls Jeena to tell her that Janary is in park, where she reveals her plan that Mikaeel was never there to meet Manahil, instead to abduct the children, he tries to warn only to see anxious Manahil running towards him.

Meanwhile, when Salahuddin’s mother talks to his father about him and Manahil, his father orders him to stop tutoring Khalli. It will go down as just another pot boiler that made a lot of money, which is shame because this serial started off with a spark of brilliance.

Despite Salahuddin’s rejection, Jeena consistently intervene his life by pretending through office work. Tum Kon Piya was a Pakistani romantic drama serial aired on Urdu1. Retrieved 20 September He finds out that Rehman has left him a four-thousand-guz plot.

Salahuddin, informed by Jameel, rushes to see Manahil but only sees her from a distance who is shocked and uanuary about their death.

We’ll bring you up close and

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