You can watch Lie To Meand more hot Ko Everyone wants to see what happens to them and how they interact and how they fall in love… so why waste all this time?? Sang-hee and Ah-jung wait by the gate, playing around with their sign… which is right when Yoon-ju walks past them, unnoticed. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Hong Soo Hyun Supporting Cast. Ah Jung is grumbling about why she needs to keep the guests company.

Your site is extremely helpful. Looks like the drama is finally picking up: And I am really beginning to like Sang-hee Already have an account? Baek Seung Hyun Supporting Cast. Is Jae-bum just in all places at all times? Tom Verica as Paul Aronson.

Dad tells her to have the friend go apologize and beg forgiveness, asking once again if Ah Jung is in trouble. I keep expecting to see Park Shi Hoo standing out side of it, looking up at the windows. Kang Rae Yun Supporting Cast. Log in with Email. Ryu Seung Soo Supporting Cast. Dad calls her an errant daughter who stayed out all night, and Ah Jung reminds him that he was the one who claimed to not care if she stayed out for thirty nights in a row.

Lie to Me Episode 4 Recap

Dad takes Ae-kyung to the movies to make up for their unfinished date, and happens to run into Jae-bum, who recognizes the professor. Han In Soo Supporting Cast. David Lee as Groomsman No.

The biggest one is by far absence, so I love that this drama has Go raised by her single father, and that their relationship is both realistic and adorable. Thanks for the recap JB and GF!!


But it may be too late.

Featured titles for the dramacrazy lie to me were carefully selected by our editors. The amount of money Ah Jung thinks she can gather is pretty paltry for someone like Ki Joon, and Sang Hee mocks her for thinking she can settle with that amount. The only speaker who actually spoke Mandarin properly was the translator at the meeting. I’m getting excited of what’s finally going to happen –them pretending to be married and all the craziness that will dramacrazu And I am really beginning to like Sang-hee Why drajacrazy get real Chinese speakers?

Zep May 19, at Scandals erupt as they announce that they lied about marrying because of pride. Lie to Me fighting!

TV Lie to Me. The brothers go to pay their respects to their parents, offering up flowers and soju, musing that their parents probably never once drank soju in their lives.

Now I know what I want for MY birthday. Yoon Joo walks out of the arrival terminal but does not see Sang Hee.

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Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster. Things are moving a bit faster. Huh, well surprise surprise. Park Hyo Joon Supporting Cast.

Really hope the rating’ll back to two digits dramxcrazy week. Patrick Cavanaugh as Groomsman No. Additionally, you can browse 4 more links that might be useful for you.

Cause I do, and I’m not even Eposode. I do find the story takes an immediate upswing anytime Ah Jung and Ki Joon have a scene together, which was especially true in this episode. It’s much better than the first three episodes. Glad to hear its finally getting to the good stuff! The scene where Ki-joon acts as Ah Jung’s husband is so damn cute!


Girlfriday, you read my thoughts.

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Ki Joon asks if that is why Sang Hee used to run away, to which Sang Hee says that it was fashionable to run away, and a model student like Ki Joon would never understand. She mumbles to herself that eppisode must be only one hotel in all of Seoul, as she makes her darmacrazy out. Take Best Love, for example, another drama high on the zany hijinks and top-star meets reviled d-list actress craziness. Cast – Lie to Me. The Chinese investor and his llie are actually in town for a second honeymoon, and the first thing on their itinerary is… digging for shellfish in the ocean mud.

J May 17, at 9: Disappointing but my love for Yoon Eun Hye will keep me fighting to stay awake.

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