Submit a new link. Take note Bond franchise. For a woman like Allison, she can easily have 10 purses. A simple reversal of the facts like that might fool a bunch of third graders, not the CIA. Any kind of horrific injury is always going to be awful, but to see the way the body itself contorts and bends itself into impossible poses is really a whole other level. To spoiler tag comments use the following format:

Plus, they’re not omniscient — as TV viewers we see all her little guilty trip-ups and think it’s really obvious, but in “real life” these guilty moments are small and probably easy to overlook. Submit a new text post. This could be what he gave Quinn, we’ll never know for sure. It’s about the most disturbing thing I can imagine. That gas chamber looked so incredibly bizarre in that dilapidated warehouse. How many times has Dar confronted Allison now about various incidents and then backed down like a scared puppy after some half-assed story? My vote is nine.

It’s what they do. Quinn is still alive!

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. It can’t hold up under any level of in-depth scrutiny. The journey of Floki continues and he reaches a waterfall where he makes a discovery.

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This episode was riveting! When Quinn comes to, do you guys think he’ll play dead or will he immediately get up and kill everyone? Maybe for when they send in the video with the demands that won’t be met.

Add the first question. Everytime they showed the stairs over his shoulder I kept expecting Alison to show up. November 29, Synopsis: You can use atropine as a prophylactic before you actually get exposed to sarin — it works just as well.


The show has built up so much for them in the past seasons, only to see them get fooled around like two noobs? This is what espionage fiction is supposed to be like. That doesn’t mean to imply it wouldn’t work. Bishop Heahmund Josefin Asplund The main issue isn’t that they got played by Allison, but that Dar so easily turned against Saul. Eventually, unless they stopped them, they were all going to escape–probably back to Russia–and the CIA would have nothing to show for it.

You really think she can resist Inigo Montaya? Then someone finally takes him to the hospital but he sneaks out after a few hours because fuck hospitals.

Ubbe and Hvitserk propose a zubtitles, but Ivar wants to continue the war. Subtiles Allison been operating Ivan for 12 years, and not the other way around, there would be extensive documentation, and someone up the food chain would have been aware of the operation and could corroborate.

Homeland 06 Dec 8. In Norway, Astrid tempts Harald with the possibility of her alliance, whilst resisting his sexual advances. What did they gain by storming the safe house homelamd arresting Allison and the Russian guy? Remember that discussion about previews and IMDB casting information needs to be inside a spoiler tag.

Then at the top of this latest episode, the head of Berlin station for Israel said to Carrie how much she hurt Saul when she went against him for the directorship.



So first they were blind enough to have a Russian mole 5×009 a high-ranking CIA post for 10 years, and now after they catch her on suspicion they realize their proof wasn’t even solid enough for a silly little right-back-at-ya game Allison played?

Because her running to the safehouse meant she knew the jig was up. Not because I’m an expert on sarin or atropine, but because it wouldn’t be very good writing. Atropine is actually very effective against sarin gas, because what it does is it counteracts the effects of the gas on your nervous system.

Carrie will see it and be like “pft, he’s just off the autobahn at that isis bando.

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This could be what he gave Quinn, we’ll never know for sure. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. King Aethelwulf and Bishop Heahmund find a weak spot to attack York; however it is a trap plotted by the Northmen and they are defeated. For a woman like Allison, she can easily have 10 purses.

Since it’s just “2 beeps for this, 3 beeps for that”, it probably only means “meet me at the safe house I’m in trouble”. Therefore her iPhone was actually more valuable, lol.

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