The Cast and crew are from the area itself some as newbies and others as fairly experienced, the girl casted in the film is an American local who worked in the film in her spare time and left. I think the film is very rich for my international audience. He is the one taking our hand and let us to explore the real Afghanistan. You can add videos to this folder that will be saved only on this computer. We are always looking for videos to use for our Video of the Day page. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

But should you be willing to pay a Pakistani Equivalent of Pkr. Create a new YouTube Video Collection named: I keep saying to myself, his story needs to be heard and seen by the world. As I always work with non-actors, they always influence the film. AWP vows to struggle for real change. What has inspired or shaped the way that you work?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A Loop is a chancd to a section of a YouTube video that can be played over and over. For Now a overall 2.

Chance – Hazaragi Film Complete Facebook: I think it makes change maybe not for the Afghan audience but for Afghans who worked on the film, like my cast for example. Tuff chande azu ghairat wa mazhab. If anyone wants to give me some end notes they can contact me on my twitter saqbhutt. Teaching Studios on MusicLessons.


دستمزد هزارگی فلم ۲۰۱۸ Dastamzad Hazaragi movie – With Loop Control – YouTube for Musicians

The audience in Norway and Australia supports any video from back home which has been the primary reason behind the high price of the Film. You can add videos to this folder that will be saved only on this computer. Get your free membership now! The next time you have to learn that song for a gig, you can quickly open those videos and loops, and then start practicing.

I involve people around me, my friends, and sometimes family members. Although Norway, Sweden and Australia will get to watch the movie in selected halls up for show in the end of March.

Empty the collection first. How did you find the young performers who play them? Hope you like the review leave filmm comments below for me to read through. The film gave the chance to 38 Afghans who had never travelled before to go to Tajikistan and be with international people for 2 months, experiencing a completely different life compared to their everyday life.

Review of Quetta’s Film Alif

Well this portion will fil left half filled for now, until I can get my contacts to try and find me a copy of the film with subtitles, and till I can get some quotes from the production body of the film. My Video Loops About Loops. You have to make a good relationship with them and everything will be fine. This folder only chznce on this computer! Were they around during shooting?


Chance – Hazaragi Film (Complete)

There are many people who I admire, as people and their work, but I understand we are very different in many ways. I visited many schools and saw many kids, almost 2, If you live in Pakistan Chances are you might not get a chance to watch the film yet, as filmm is not been set for release in Pakistan anytime soon.

But should you be willing to pay a Pakistani Equivalent of Pkr. Notes can be used to keep track of chord progressions, key signatures, lyrics, or any other information you want to save for a video. Save these videos in: What did they think of the story?

And did they have any influence on how you made the film? What an amazing to watch, beautiful tribute hcance Bob! YouTube for musicians legal.

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