She got traded for a hen and she guarded the man she loves without him even knowing, and she quietly hid her feelings. Even in later episodes, you can sense bitterness in their hearts, because there is a hole in both. Mu Cheng has her own problems with the date since Guang Xi had threatened to have her best friend, Hua Tuo Ye Chris Wu , expelled from the school because he gave Mu Cheng a book from the school library. In a way I do like Yi Qian for being a nice person but I have personally never liked love triangles that are this complex, and there is soon to be a time when she will begin to lose him, and turn to selfishness. However, the theme of memory loss remains as usual. This page was last edited on 12 February , at

And like the Japanese drama in general, I like their angle to shoot. I actuyally see a potential love relationship for Chi Xin and Tuo Ye. Mandarin Taiwanese [Note 1]. It is a very cliche and predictable drama; the sweet and innocent girl attracts the deeply scarred man by his past but he applies the hard faced man. I have honestly never seen a drama so heartfelt, painful and romantic apart from this one. The moment between Guang Xi and Xiao Le, is so amazing, but with so much sorrow, you just want to scream Xiao Le is his. The pasts of the main roles is very deep and emotional, one taking it far better than the other, but in a way Mu Cheng Ady An helps him out of the darkness he has surrounded himself in. Natsuki and Hanae quickly became friends.

In Episode 6, their relationship suddenly has a time limit, and the moments they spend together are even more upsetting and bitter to watch, with an essence of sweetness. Then there is Xiao Xiao Bin as a clever little boy, cute and adorable.

Autumn’s Concerto

Sampai suatu hari, Chul Min berhasil mencegah ketika Jung Hwa hampir mengalami pelecehan seksual dari atasan tempatnya bekerja, Sejak saat itu, kehidupan keduanya berubah. Chul Min yang berjanji melindungi Jung Hwa menjadi lebih bersemangat untuk kembali berlatih menjadi seorang petinju. Auutmn from Ady An as a center figure that much in trouble. Oh dear, Xiao Le goes after Guang Xi, and meets his grandmother without even knowing.


Ren Guang Xi and Xiao Le really are like father like son, yet without even noticing. Ren Guang Xi Vanness Wu is a law student whose mother is the dean of his college. It looks like Tuo Ye is in a way moving on, but into gilm very sticky situation, since he is trying to save Chi Xin.

ANDROMAEDA DYLAN’S ANGEL: Profile Pemain The Outsiders

Retrieved from ” https: Film dari Song Il Gon ini memiliki cerita yang klise. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I noticed the relationship between the two main characters fast forwarded. Natsuki eventually agrees to help Kenji at the bar. However, Guang Xi still sends Mu Cheng divorce papers, but their son forces them to reveal their true feelings.

A hate towards eachother on their first meeting which turns to love, which always happens in the majority of asian dramas whether it be a chinese, japanese or korean drama. Because there is no evidence to prove Mu Cheng innocent or guilty, a Truth Investigation Court is held at the school to find justice. Together the chemistry is just fizzing and really boiling over. I love this drama. He asks Mu Cheng out, and her stepmother forces Mu Cheng to go on the date since she fears that Guang Xi can shut down the school canteen, which she co-owns.

Tetapi, film Always sukses mengubah persepsi saya terhadap keduanya. Out of all the characters, she will be the one hurt the most, because she never thought that Mu Cheng would one day reappear, that Xiao Le maybe want to find his dad.

All she wanted was the perfect life, well all I can say is karma definitely comes back. This is definitely my favorite Asian family drama so far. I think she has found a little piece of happiness after so long. As a female lead, she play it well.

Melvin Sia

The card contains photographs of him and Mu Cheng, which cause him to regain all of his memories. That professor, I really like him, he actually gives Guang Xi a straight answer, that is neither a lie, nor the truth; but instead an open doorway, to the answer he wants. Xiao Le is like a little cupid Ref Ep 21 and is absolutely adorable, he just wants to see his parents together and for him to be in a happy home, a happy family and with a happy ending.


After winning the case, he hears his client speaking about the victim offensively and begins to remember what happened with Mu Cheng. It is a very cliche and predictable drama; the sweet and innocent girl attracts the deeply scarred man by his past but he applies the hard peemain man.

I love how Xiao Le budges up to her on the park bench Ref Ep Mu Cheng is still as soft and caring as always. The next few episodes seems to be proper heartwrenchers so stay reading my reviews and the ones to come!

Dramas I love

After ten days of community service, Guang Xi leaves and returns to his normal life. I actuyally see a potential love relationship for Chi Xin and Tuo Ye. There are many interesting themes raised in this drama, ranging from PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorderparent-children issue, sexual harassment, legal world until love triangle story.

On his wedding day with Yi Qian, he finds an SD card in his bracelet that had been with him for six years.

Just like filk Taiwanese drama should be! As its title, this drama takes many shoot on beaches. Dari beberapa artikel yang saya baca, So Ji Sub bahkan sampai belajar menjadi petinju demi mendalami peran. I love this drama!! I have so far reviewed all 5 of the first few episodes. The pain Guang Xi, has to endure, is a good thing that he forgets it because otherwise, to wake up after the operation would be plain heartache.

Episode 18 aired on 31 January achieved a score of 8. I like how Yi Qian and Guang Xi leave on good terms. And autmun the Japanese drama in general, I like their angle to shoot.

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