Jagathy Sreekumar has done justice to his role. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb. Its really lovable only if you follow the game from the beginning with keenness. Google Play Drama Thriller Movies. Google Play Malayalam Movies. Only flaw that was annoying more than anything was film’s length which could’ve sorted out with clever editing. What struck me was the inclusion of dark comedy in the second half.

It was a great account of a profoundly sick society with multiple narratives featuring characters from many walks of life. There are plenty of loops and turns in the story but there is an element of credibility in them all and the viewer’s intelligence is taken seriously by the film maker. That said, the script needs appreciation for bringing in too many things which are connected making them all fall in place in the end. It is also very realistically taken, with excellent acting on the part of all actors. Murali G as a angry frustrated man was convincing. Had it been suave and shrewd, it would have been a class apart.

Ee Adutha Kaalath is a diacritical attempt which stands tall thematically and philosophically. The main characters played by Indrajith, Tanushree Gosh, Anoop Menon, LenaMythiliNishan and Murali Gopi himself has been painstakingly created as each of their characters reveals itself step by step as the movie proceeds.

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Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. As far as the acting goes, Indrajith and Murali Gopi shine and tower above the rest. The story of how Rasool, a Muslim falls in love with a Christian girl, Anna and how her family’s strong disapproval makes their aduthq change for the worse.


Kaalarhu Sreekumar has done justice to his role. In the process, they have to fight off the loan sharks as well.

Its really lovable only if obline follow the game from the beginning with keenness. To say, that this technique has been abused many a times even in Malayalam by many filmmakers will be a understatement. Sun Nxt Malayalam Movies.

She is joined by Naveen, who is looking for his kidnapped sister. Real estate broker Rizabawa That said, the script needs appreciation for bringing in too many things which are connected making them all fall in place in the end.

The director has done a good job in keeping the scriptwriters vision intact. Film is about a lives of many people with different lifestyle and how their inline get tangled with each other effectively conveyed through multiple narrative narration.

Ee Adutha Kaalath

Indrajith is subtle and classy and Murali Gopi is as good in his acting as in his script writing. When the friend gets tangled in an inescapable web, unexpected events unravel over days and nights with them locked inside having no way out. The movle features the lives of six different persons adutah different strata of the social life of the city, interconnected due to unexpected events beyond their control. You seem to be slightly sympathetic towards the RSS.

Sun Nxt Thriller Movies. The director has also managed to extract superlative performances from the others. A serial killer is lurking fe the streets stalking his prey.

Ee Adutha Kaalath The plot is set in a village, Kumarankary, where its inhabitants are always garbed in white – a motif which the film deftly Google Play Drama Movies.


It doesn’t quite bring out the pathos experienced by the characters to the forefront. Sun Nxt Movies. Performances by Indrajith and Murali Gopy was good.

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Apart from your writing, the tight editing by the director is another of the film’s virtues. He has an ailing mother and two charming daughters.

But the criticism notwithstanding, the movie is a good watch and very refreshing. The movie has all the elements and flavors to be called a classic and that’s due to the writer V G Muralikrishna son Of Late Bharath Gopi who penned this. With a mind blowing climax.

Vibijithnair 31 December Mohanlal, Kaniha, Shankar Ramakrishnan. Murali Gopi, who has penned down the scripthave molded the main aduthha welland takes guidance from many tried and tested scripting techniques to make sure that he doesn’t loose control over the story and idea that he has to convey. Its really lovable only if you follow the game from the beginning with keenness.

This movie narrates lives of people who strive hard for their family,frauds who uses ladies for taking porn movies and sell it in name of popular actress,then rowdies who give and take life and money,police who thinks they know everything and media feminists who turn out to be female after all.

In short, they are the typical struggling family living in the city and off the city. So will the Oscars still rock you? Edit Details Official Sites:

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