The Red team won the weigh in with 3. The Red Team wins the challenge. Emily and Kimmy “fell below the yellow line” and Emilly was eliminated because she was a bigger threat. No resolution resulted from the conversation. The tension of the anonymous team switcher became more dramatic as the week wrapped up. The Red Team had big leading win for the week. Later Conda tells Buddy about Cassandra, Kim, and Emily approaching her last night, and the girls, except for Conda, wanted an all-girl finale.

Nancy Rajala , 63, Fowlerville, MI. From Week 14 onwards due to The Voice results shows , the remaining episodes are split into two, one-hour installments. During the weigh in, the numbers are not impressive. I look forward to keeping in touch with her!! Daphne weighs in first and loses a whopping twelve pounds. The black team won a six-month Biggest Loser meal plan. I have had an incredible journey that I would love to share with others.

Emily lead for most of the time, beating Cassandra by a mere 0. This conflict is evident throughout the entire episode. She also gets the chance to spend some time with Bob, asking him advice on how bivgest improve her stamina.

Both Mark and Buddy did not want to abide with the rules any longer and quit the competition. Go back to the previous page. Before going through a door, they must answer a question about health and nutrition, then ram through the door that has the correct answer.

Later Conda tells Buddy about Cassandra, Kim, and Emily approaching her last night, and the girls, except for Conda, wanted an all-girl finale.

5 Things You Didn’t See on the “Biggest Loser” Finale – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

The black is up for elimination. Obama talks about childhood obesity and the “Let’s Move” fitness campaign. No resolution resulted from the conversation.

At the final three weigh in, Jeremy Britt, who fell below the red line didn’t leave just yet. What’s the biggest change you notice about yourself? Back at the ranch, Kim once again leads her team without Dolvett, while Bob’s team seems a bit unfocused, and they comment on how it doesn’t feel right without him.


There was a challenge to see if the contestants could answer multiple-choice questions about food. The first five to finish the dash would advance to Round 3. At the weigh in the red team only lost 52 pounds so the black team gets the 5 pound advantage.

At the elimination table, Mike is voted out with five votes. The hike gives single mom, Daphne, the chance to reflect on her two daughters at home, saying she needs to lose weight to set a good example and ensure she is always there for them.

Emily and Kimmy were the last placers and were eliminated. Have you seen this?! The Biggest Loser Dolvett will be monitoring their process, unbeknownst to the red team, in the gym via a hidden camera.

However, One team will be sent home. Lauren felt nauseous into the 2nd hour and dropped out. How did the biygest strengthen your relationship with him?

I felt a little misunderstood but more so, I was just disappointed that all of the good qualities I have were not being shown. Notify me of new posts by email. She met with former Biggest Loser winner, Olivia, an opera singer and met with Giovanni Rigoli, world-renowned vocal coach and conductor. The makeover involved new clothes with Jeannie Mai and a new hairstyle with Ken Paves.

One person in each team were allowed to guide their teammates using a bird’s eye view monitor. Dolvett chose Conda to return home for the week, while Bob picked Daphne to return home, thinking that she has something to prove for her team.

The teams have to spin around to obtain the puzzle pieces. Notes Conda’s 15 pound seasno loss in week 9 was displayed as a due to her weight gain the previous week. Best part of the night? The first round was to run a 40 meters to the boggest line. Adrian acknowledged that the house welcome for Aqua team was cold and the politics of the teams singled him out for disagreement.


Search RealityWanted News Loading. Mark Cornelison43, Magnolia, TX. Jeremy won first place and opened a shopping spree with a celebrity but took his sister Conda’s prize of a goldfish and gave her the shopping spree.

5 Things You Didn’t See on the “Biggest Loser” Finale

Retrieved from ” https: Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter. Nancy is one of the oldest members in the game. Of Course no one cheered for Conda. At home, Lauren has lost 53 pounds and runs a half-marathon. He tells them that she has the lowest percentage of weight loss of everyone in the house, and has got niggest step up their game. He says he was embarrassed and ashamed and didn’t tell any of his closest friends.

At the elimination, Lauren is voted off, with those who voted for her saying that she’ll do well at home. Check out the gallery below to see how Buddy looks today!

Ten Couples arrived to the Biggest Loser Ranch. There is conflict between the members of the red team. In the contestant catch-up segment, Ben has lost 50 pounds and wants to lose pounds by the finale. Youth Pastor Mark, in the lead of the large voting block which determined Nancy’s exit, wants to save face by choosing to meet in a group to discuss Adrian.

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