The next test, is the one that will really say whether or not this fabric is ideal for an 89 under suit. If you notice in the first pic, I pulled really hard, away from the fabric to the point where a layer of latex had peeled and was left adhered to the fabric. Then I have this. Though neoprene looks good, its too hot. Glad you made it over here man: MadAlice , Jun 9, Batman – Using real deal parts to complete my suit – Lots of pics looking awsome. MattgomeryBurns Apr 23,

Since I have dark brown eyes, I needed to grab a pair of lenses to help me look more like Keaton under the cowl. I began to study the gloves from inside out and thought that I could modify them to have the suede fingers. But then again, the Trainers were no longer in production and have only resurfaced not long ago. Batman Batarang replica prop weapon. Share This Page Tweet. Lack of sleep and too much work. But regardless, these are wonderful. Edward H , Jun 7,

Batman Jokers Bloody Scarf original movie prop. So Batmaan gave it a shot I finally got the bat turn going and a few other movements that resemble scenes from the film. This cowl is limited to a run of pieces, so better get your order in while you can. I’ll certainly watch this thread with great pleasure! You must log in or sign up to reply here. Gotham City Metropolitan Police Badge. Really excited about this. Mr FettJun 9, Batman Batarang replica prop weapon.


Batman My new batman suit with Keaton face replica movie costume.

Check Out These Awesome Batman Cowl Replicas #Batman – PopCultHQ

Gave it 10 minutes and began to pull and tug. MadAliceJun 9, Gotham City Police Department patches. Gotta go exercise for few hours.

But then again, the Trainers were no longer in production and have only resurfaced not long ago. I’m currently sewing up the left sleeve and once thats done, I will be applying the zipper in the spine area and two smaller ones around the wrist to help make it easier to slip into. I will be airbrushing this to a nice satin black finish. Aaaand, I finally got my fabric sample here to see if it would work for my 89 under suit!

Though neoprene looks good, its too hot. So visually, it fits the bill perfectly.

Not too tight, but just enough to “look” tight but give it enough room for stretch. I’m a bit busy right now with work away from this fun so I kinda wanted to get this off my chest and share with you guys. I’d been enjoying Halloween since I was kid and my mom taught us how to make costumes from stuff around the house.

Well, I’ve been really busy with work these days, so I haven’t been able to do very much, but I have taken care of some smaller chores with some of my parts here.


However, Just about a week ago, I finally got my under suit fabric and a few other things. Batman – Using real deal parts to complete my suit – Lots of pics Hey thanks guys!

Thanks for the comments! Farrel for all the help!

BATMAN 1989 Cowl prop replica by HCG~movie~Michael Keaton~Tim Burton~NIB

MonteburnsSep 2, Production is limited to pieces with only of them distributed within the U. So, though Repliica anxious to find out now, I have to wait in a month to get my rolls and set up my sewing workstation again. I’m looking to re-do my 89 this year with mainly PJ RD stuff. For one, they’re missing the suede index finger. Nightwing Returns Oct 23, PopCultHQ is kicking off in a new way.

Watching a bunch of Keaton movies like some sick stalker just to understand how he moves, walks and talks. I was lucky to have a sheet of quality black suede in my closet to work with.

RobonarSep 6, Too Much GarlicJun 7, The spandex was still intact with only a layer of rubber coating leeched rreplica.

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