Se connecter Continuer avec Facebook Continuer avec Google. Before Wajma, I wrote the script for a historical drama, but after an initial assessment of the budget that was expensive because of the huge sets that we had to build, I dropped it. How can he find her? RM Kabul-born director, producer and writer Barmak Akram has lived in Paris for years but despite being at home in Europe, he has not forgotten his native country, nor ceased to promote and talk about Afghanistan, in his films and other works. I came here with my debut film Kabuli Kid , which won the Best Director award. I must say that Charsou Cineplex is a better place. Do protagonists Mustafa and Wajma, portray the image of two average young people from Afghanistan? I have two things in mind:

Such circumstances lead to more violence and scandal to which women can only answer with this sort of protests – self harm. Since Afghan authorities don’t invest money in the production of feature films, I was in charge with paying all the costs the film production process imposed. Movie of the week. In Afghanistan, there are rare possibilities for filming, and the security condition is also that bad. When I started the film, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to bring the project to conclusion. Another reason for writing and producing this film was given by the various forms of violence experienced by women. Technology changes the traditional way through which Afghans were used to experience love and relationships. How many people were involved in producing the film?

An eventful, chaotic, often highly comic journey through a city which is itself simply trying to survive. I wanted to produce a film that treats a universal issue – women’s virginity.

Technology changes the traditional way through which Afghans were used to experience love and relationships. He lives in Paris, where he studied fine arts. Most of the times, these women had experienced deceptive love stories or had been forced to marry a man whom they didn’t love.


For my debut film, we spent nearlyeuros in insurance alone. Absolutely, both Mustafa and Wajma illustrate the profile of two ordinary young people who, amongst many youngsters nowadays in Afghanistan, can easily communicate over the phone before marriage.

International affairs — It’s also important to note that working with such a small team made the filming experience more pleasant and intimate. Sign up for your free newsletters Get the Luxembourg Times delivered to your inbox twice a day Subscribe.

In the whole world, not only in Afghanistan, women experience violence caused by men. When I started the film, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to bring the project to conclusion. Arezo Nikbin – Bachaye Kabuli. According to event organizer Mohammad Fil, Moghaddam, Vahdat Hall will host the closing ceremony at 6: They settle on a price, she pays him and they drive off.

He asks friends and strangers in the street. The taxi arrives abrmak its destination. Vous n’avez pas encore de compte? Taxi driver Khaled picks up a woman and baby.

Luxembourg license — Other team members were driving or helping me out when necessary. Brexit vote — I have two things in mind: He returns to where he picked her up.

I like documentary films and I started my career making them.

Luxembourg Times – Archives – Five questions with Barmak Akram

To make commercial, you also need stars. The producer job for Wajma was a difficult undertaking. Barmak Akram bornKabul is an Afghan filmmaker. The commercial side is a nightmare for any filmmaker.

Today, young men and women don’t need permission from their families to communicate, they can do it with the aid of technology which sometimes leads to short-term relationships that end with a pregnancy for the girl, as in the case of Wajma.


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This film talks about women and the unfair treatment they receive. I also really wanted to make this film with Afghan money, which is to say, I did not want it to be a film financed by France or any other country.

The woman gets out and a new passenger climbs in Who is the mother? Mind you, I prefer to make a Persian language picture. This aspect was very fil, for the cast among which some weren’t professional actors or had little acting experience. The actor playing Mustafa, the male protagonist was responsible for the make-up, myself I was in charge with filming, directing, hair-dressing the cast and cooking meals bzrmak the team.

Everyone in the film was in charge with several other duties besides acting or filming.

bafmak What is the film An Afghan Love Story about? In an exclusive interview with the Press Office of Fajr, the First Films Jury member of the 36th Fajr Filmfest talks about the difficulties of making movies in Afghanistan, and even a coproduction with Iran.

Following a Sundance screenwriting award for An Aghan Love Story, the director of film Barmak Akram has travelled to Luxembourg for the European premiere of his latest film.

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