Level — GIRL — Doll, little girl holds slice of watermelon, cartoon girl is running, little girl is getting her hair braided 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — PRIDE — Girl in graduation gown, athlete with white top and sweat band poses, peacock fans his tail, male and female lion. Level — FIRM — 2 men shake hands, professions sitting at a table meeting , 2 pictures of professionals standing in a group. Level — SLEEP — A man sleeps at his laptop, a baby sleeps in a swing bed, a dog is sleeping in a bed, a woman is sleeping in the yard. Hey there Billy Boy. Level — LOVE — a mother kisses her baby, a couple kisses, a man feeds a woman salad, 2 red hearts. Level — ARROW — Performance arrow going down , arrows in bulls eye, man can go in 3 direction, icon can choose between left or right side blue or green arrow.

Level — COMPANY — Seniors men in a park laughing having a good time , blue people icons connected, three 3 people in the office, army men soldiers lined up. Level — HUG — 2 pictures of a daughter hugging their mother, 2 pictures of a little girl hugging a large teddy bear. Level — SAUSAGE — slices of salami and sausages, slices of carrots in sauce, sausages in spirals with slices of cucumber and tomato, a loaf of meat with a piece cut off and green onion on it. Level — TAP — A woman in heels, a telegraph, a dripping tap, a telegraph. Level — SUMMIT — Icons representatives of different countries stand around the globe, professionals at a table, person reaches the top of her destination, tip of a mountain 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — FLOOD — piggy banks in life savers float on water, a river, car drives through water, house is flooded.

Avoid doing searches on phrases — one or two words will work best.

clockk Level — HEAT — a woman holds a yellow mug, woman in the sauna, woman wipes the sweat of her face, woman is feeling hot. Level — SUCCESS — Man gives thumbs up through the walls, a man sits back to examine performance arrows red and bluegroup of people shows-off wands of cash billsa clpck with open arms. Level — LEAD — Two people cross country skiing, a pencil, a speeding car, a teacher and a student. Level — HIT — A gold cd in a case, 2 man fighting, a woman in a red dress performs under a spotlight, a car crashes into a tree.

Level — FEAR — Watching a scary movie at the theater, man bites c,ock nails in fear, man 11 suit is shock, man is scared of what woman is telling him 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — FUNNY — man and woman wearing 3-D glasses holding bucket of popcorn, a clown, a woman with tongue sticking out and hair streaming behind her, woman having tea and laughing.

4 Pics 1 Word Answers 5 Letters Pt 6

Level — SON — mother holds baby son, son gives his mom flowers and a kiss, son hugs his mom, son jumps up behind mom. Level — EMO — Skills on purple wallpaper, the cartoon character Emo, a boy is sad with his girlfriend, a girl dressed in all black 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — MAID — woman makes the bed, woman holds vacuum cleaner, a woman cleans, placing an orange flower on a bed.


Level — PANEL — some brown doors, man giving thumbs up and man holding gavel and woman with arms crossed, a cottage amongst the trees, audio equipment of some sort 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — FUNNY — man and woman wearing 3-D glasses holding bucket of popcorn, a watcch, a woman with tongue sticking out and hair streaming behind her, woman having tea and laughing 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — SMELL — Kid sticks face into sunflower, man tests his red wine, woman spraying body spray perfume on herself, a time with a clothes clip on his nose.

Level 49 — YELLOW — A woman wstch a field of yellow daisies, a man with a yellow raincoat, cap ttimer bag, a hive of honey comb and bees, a woman poses in front of a yellow car 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — WOUND — Wrapping an elbow with rolling gauze, scrape on the back of a hand, a bandage on the sole of a foot, a woman with a bleeding finger.

Level — SHAVE — shaver and a kiwi fruit, a man shaves, a woman shaves her man, a woman shaves her legs.

4 Pics 1 Word – all levels with watch image

Level — CHECK — A man presses the green check mark, a woman examines a sale item, the king has fallen in a game of chess, someone writes a check 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — SPIT — cloudy skies above beach and water, baby eating mush making a mess, person holding up stick lit with fire and blowing into it. Level 90 — PLAY — A boy is pretending to be a pilot, a theatre play, man kicks a soccer ball, someone plays an electric guitar.

Level — HUGE — a blue whale flips, an ice berg, an elephant, looking up at tall trees. Level — DULL — A math equation, a emotion icon un-impressed, a man alone at a party, a bored woman holds a sticky note to her head tumer Pics 1 Word Answers: Let me know if that helps.

Level — SLIDE — Unzipping or zipping something, a roll of film uncurled, person holds a slide specimencartoon penguins slide down a hill. Level — WAY — 2 monks, a smart phone to find directions, way out through a maze, man decides between two roads. Level — ANT — 2 pictures of ant sant moving a branch twigants moving a rock. Level dandelkon RAY — volcano, alien shoots his gun, fish, sun in the sky.

What would you like to ask? Level — BLOOD — Blood is running down a white canvas, a mosquito is full from blood, a vampire just finished feeding, a person donates blood.

Level — FOOT — 5 rulers, picture of a foot, a paw print, kicking a soccer ball. Level — BOX — A woman just moved in, a man holds a box, a boy boxes, dahdelion boxing. Level — Clok — Mother and child baby swimming, jelly fish, dolphins dancing, a little girl swims.

Level — SING — Woman holds microphone and man plays guitar, a little girl sings, a chef sings, cartoon of a man in robe by a fire.

4 Pics 1 Word Puzzles

Level — MESSY — a kitchen full of dirty pots and utensils, a room with clothes every where, a scare crow, a woman sitting on the steps of a set of stairs. Level — NIGHT — a dog wearing a sleep mask with its paw on a clock, the moon above the clouds, a cartoon girl lying on the moon with stars next to her, a street lamp. Level — SNIP — Pliers to a bunch of copper wires, man cuts his own hair, woman cuts her own hair, scissors to red ribbon.


Level — CORD — logs lumber stacked in front of a house, a growing embryo human childa red corded phone, a green cable cord. Level — CREEP — a golden kitten, 2 girls hold up their hands, earth warm, a robber behind the door. Level — FIRM — 2 men shake hands, professions sitting at a table meeting2 pictures of professionals standing in a group 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Add Your Answer 4 pics 1 word 5 letters stopwatch wristwatch and a clock tower?

Level — RAGE — A man blows steam out of his ears, a woman is furious with her hair standing up, a woman in yellow with curls in her hair, wqtch woman holding 2 polka-dot shoes 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Answer to 4 pics 1 word level stopwatch newly hatched chick?

Level — ORBIT — Earth with orbit rings around it, an eye ball, planets close by the sun, satilite station above the earth. Level — CABLE — Insulated cable, electrical cord green plugged into the wall, sky ride, electrical magnetic field. Level — AID — Woman walks with blind visibly impaired man, first aid box, hand putting a coin into a box with hearts on it, first aid items.

This post is only for the English version of the 4 Pics 1 Word game. Level — PUNK — A man with a pink mohawk, a girl with many piercings on his face, graffiti on a wall, a girl with and electric guitar. Level wodr TENT — A father and son in a camping tent, a circus tent, a tent under northern lights, a native american and his teepee.

Level — SING — Woman holds microphone and man plays guitar, a little girl sings, a chef sings, cartoon of a man in robe by a fire 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: Level — YEAR — the number with balloons and streamers, the calendar yearin fireworks, calendar. Level — PET — A little girl hold a kitten to her face, a little girl gives a bowl of milk to a kitten, a dog and a kitten, a paw in a persons hand. Level — HANDS — a circle of hands, holding hands, cupping a plant in the palms of a person hands, stacking hands fists.

Level — TOOTH — an opened mouth showing teeth with a missing tooth, a cartoon tooth fairy, toothbrushes of different colors, tooth paste in white blue red squeezed out of the tube 4 Pics 1 Word Answers: And thanks for your comments Marie! Newer Post Older Post Home.

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